Swift Chef's Knife, 8.5" / 210mm, Mango

Swift Chef's Knife, 8.5" / 210mm, Mango

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The full-size Rose City Swift Knife makes preparing ingredients an efficient and enjoyable experience due to its precise and durable blade. The Swift chef features our interpretation of a Japanese handle which was thoughtfully designed and engineered to ensure it is light, appropriately balanced, and ergonomic to reduce fatigue. The handle is comfortable and easy to use while our unique slanted bolster provides a natural place to grip the knife ensuring accurate, precise cuts. The clean, architectural lines of the blade are paired with an attractive handle and rounded edges resulting in a beautiful, understated knife that will impress dinner guests or kitchen colleagues.

Features and benefits:

  • Thin, hard blade precisely crafted to ensure a sharp, durable edge and sanded to a satin finish.
  • A fully encased, hidden tang, paired with a beautiful wood or synthetic scales, and a rugged, long-lasting finish.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics resulting in an agile, light, well-balanced knife.
        Handle Japanese-style Swift, Mango

        Overall Length

         13.875" / 340mm

        Edge Length

         8.5" / 212mm

        Blade Height

         2" / 50mm

        Spine Thickness Near Tip

         0.045" / 1.14mm

        Spine Thickness at Heel  0.093" / 2.46mm


         6.5oz / 201g

        Edge Type

         Convex Symmetrical

        Steel Type  Stainless Steel AEB-L
        Blade Finish 400 Grit Brushed


         61-62 HRC

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